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Curiosities of Indian traditional cuisine

Curiosities of Indian traditional cuisine

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One of the most famous and specific cuisines in the world is certainly Indian and is one of the synonyms for this country. Interesting facts that you probably did not know, read in the text below:


India has rightly been given the name "Land of Spices" because no country produces so many varieties of herbs.

Greek, Roman and Arab traders contributed to numerous changes in Indian traditional cuisine.

Potatoes, tomatoes and chili were imported to India from Portugal.

Before importing refined sugar, Indians used fruit and honey as sweeteners.

An appropriate Indian meal is a perfect balance between six flavors (sweet, salty, bitter, sour, spicy and astringent), with one or two that stand out.

The food system is classified into three categories: fresh vegetables and juices, fatty and spicy foods, meat and alcohol. The first leads to a higher state of consciousness, the second is the foundation of activity and movement, and the third stimulates negative thoughts and feelings.

Curry is certainly the first thought regarding Indian food, and the word itself comes from a Tamil word meaning spice. It is a mixture of ground spices that can have from five to as many as 30 different ingredients. Curry is classified according to the color and degree of spiciness; mild, hot and very hot.