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Sweet, salty, bitter, sour, spicy! Inspired by the most specific culinary culture such as Indian, we reveal to you a real paradise for hedonists. Our main recipe for a pleasant ambience is quality, tasty and exotic food that you will fall in love with.

Visit us in a modern, but also rustic cafe - restaurant near Kosutnjak. We invite you to feel the taste of Indian cuisine that will not leave you indifferent! Tastes, colors, atmosphere - that's what sets us apart!

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We believe that Indian cuisine is increasingly conquering the world. We have recognized that, but our mission is transferred to you!

India - distant and mystical, exotic and attractive - if you are interested in what is the cuisine of this wonderful country? The good news is that you don't even have to travel to Asia, since we also exist in Belgrade. Indian cuisine is spicy, aromatic, full of flavors and colors. Only the climate dictated the tastes because India has always been a land of spices and colors.

Our staff is pleasant, kind, witty, kind and ready to deliver the gastronomic magic on a plate.

The chef has many years of experience and a good knowledge of Indian culture - we believe that no one can make an exotic dish better than a person who does not come from that area. However, we adapt to your wishes and prepare food according to your taste. Do you like spicy or less spicy food? We exist to meet ...

Our most beautiful life skill is hedonism and that is another name for our specialties, because it will enable all your senses to enjoy. It is known to try food first with the eyes, and only then with the palate - in that sense, indulge in unusual colors of food. If you have been wondering what the realm of colors, tastes and smells looks like - Visit us and experience a magical bite like you haven't yet!

Our culinary ambitions come down to the quote: "I cook. The best thing I can prepare is love" - ​​Jarod Kintz